Projects will be judged by outside employers. Students should dress formally and may wish to bring resumes.

Make your presentation interesting. Focus on creating a demonstration that will impress the judges and audience. Groups may wish to examine tools besides PowerPoint for creating presentations, such as Prezi.

Presentations will be 15 minutes with 5 minutes of Q&A.

Presentations should include a project abstract, a summary of technology and tools used, an overview of the most important requirements, problems encountered and and explanation of how they were solved, and a demonstration of the project.

How students will be judged:

25pts. Innovation - How original is the project? Is it something that has been done many times before, or is it something completely new?

25pts. Technical Merit  - How did you tackle the problem at hand? Did you find a unique approach to solving the problem, or just throw a bunch of software libraries at it until it worked?

25pts. Quality of Demonstration - How well does your project work during the demo? Does everything work the way it should, or are there noticeable bugs or a lack of features?

15pts. Presentation Quality - Overall quality of your presentation. Keep people interested and focus on the main parts of your project and how you tackled the various problems you encountered. Don't list off all your use cases, requirements, etc. in order.

10pts. Q&A - How well do you answer the judges questions? Are you showing a thorough understanding of your subject, or are you mumbling incoherently?

You can download the handout template here.

Fall 2012 Senior Design Competition

1st Place - Applied Behavioral Analysis System

2nd Place - Secret of The Blade Symphony

3rd Place, Fitness Diary

KVD Health Systems

Plant Identifier

Winter 2012 Senior Design Competition

1st Place - ER Wait Times

2nd Place - EGOU

3rd Place, K.A.T.S



OU Parking

Too Big To Email

Fall 2011 Senior Design Competition

1st Place - DJ Control

2nd Place, Share Crate

3rd Place - Bear Bus


C.A.N. D.R.I.V.E.